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Systematic Name Gene Name Motif ID Expert Confidence Dubious? Notes
V YNL103W MET4 0     My understanding is that Met4 is a modifier of the specificity of other proteins. SGD states that it "requires different combinations of the auxiliary factors Cbf1p, Met28p, Met31p and Met32p". ChIP-chip motifs 1023 and 1024 I believe are cofactor motifs; they are E-boxes. ChIP-chip motif 689 is different and matches Met28 and Met32 motifs. (CTGTGG core). Met28 is a bZIP protein, and Met32 is a C2H2. MITOMI motif for Met32 is TGTGG. So this is the Met32 motif. I do not believe that any of the Met4 motifs is correct. Need to obtain motifs for complexes.

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