YeTFaSCo News Archives:

February 29, 2012:

There was a bug in the "Find Regulators of Your Favourite Genes" tool which caused ROC values to be calculated for the background instead of the query gene set resulting in the ROC values being 1-ROC. This has since been fixed.

February 11, 2012:

A new tool has been added to help you find potential regulators of your favourite genes. This tool allows you to compare your gene list (or dataset) to the gene-regulation datasets which were amassed in the construction of this database. By comparing to ChIP-chip data, TF-mutant gene expression, and predicted TF binding sites, you can see what transcription factors are likely to be regulating your gene set. Check it out, here!

January 24, 2012:

A more robust search tool has been added.

January 10, 2012:

YeTFaSCo has been updated to include version numbers, enabling users to keep track of which version they used. Version 1.01 is now available, however the Expert Curation has yet to be updated. This will be done shortly.

November 22, 2011:

YeTFaSCo publication is now available online at NAR.

October 15, 2011:

The genome browser tracks have been upgraded with the latest "Expert Curated" set and the similar motif tool has been updated and now yeilds P-values.

October 05, 2011:

The website is undergoing maintenance. Over the next week or so, several things may break temporarily. These include the genome browser and the similar-motif tool.

October 03, 2011:

The database has been updated with approximately 520 new motifs. In several days, the expert-curated list should also be updated, followed by the genome-browser tracks.

August 19, 2011:

The genome browser tracks have been updated to reflect the "Expert Curated" motif set.

August 16, 2011:

DBDs are now visible in both motif views. Downloads have also been updated with expert set.

August 09, 2011:

The database now has expert curation data, which is shown in several tables, but is also available in its entirety here.

August 08, 2011:

The database has been updated with more ChIP-chip and microarray data. Also, several new motifs have been added.

July 24, 2011:

The database structure and data have been updated. Now the detailed motif view has only the total score for ChIP-chip and expression enrichment but you can click on the score to view a breakdown of the scores. The help pages will be updated shortly to reflect the change.

In addition, new microarray and ChIP-chip data have been added to the evaluation criteria.

July 08, 2011:

The genome browser tracks have been updated. They now have in vivo/in vitro/predicted nucleosome occupancy, and the set of binding sites which are displayed are the "Best Scores - No Outliers" with only binding sites greater than or equal to 75% of the maximum possible score displayed.

July 05, 2011:

Sequence scanning now has graphical output.

June 22, 2011:

YeTFaSCo is now online!